Our Table Redesign

I went to a farm called our table; it is just a little farm in Sherwood Oregon. It wasn’t the easiest to find as it didn’t have a sign or any easy way to identify it. The first thing you see when you enter the farm is the big grocery store that is right behind the parking lot. The inside of the grocery store is actually pretty nice. They have different types of food and it is pretty organized. After walking through the back of the grocery store there’s a trail leading to nice undercover area. There’s a fire pit, a stage, chairs, and tables. This area is called the community space and is a place where the farm can host events. It’s well-lit and undercover and to the side there is a nice garden with an assortment of different kinds of flowers and plants. It’s a community garden so people in the farm choose the various kinds of flowers to plant. There is a clear pathway around the garden so you don’t walk through the flower beds but you still get to experience the whole garden by walking around the pathways. There is a pathway that leads straight to the garden from the community space. The entire farm isn’t that large and has a small amount of plants around. I think that the community space and garden are the nicest places in this garden because it is a nice place to sit and eat and enjoy the scenery around you.

-Dustin Harold


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