A new Community Space

Today I volunteered at Our Table Cooperative, and I have to say that the community space was an enjoyable experience to take a break in. The entire area was very nice to look at, even though there weren’t any events going on there today. It looks like it would be even more enjoyable if there were something happening though. The covered pavilion would definitely be a good space for large events. I will have to keep that in mind if I am ever planning a large party or wedding or something. By far though, the seating area had to be my favourite part. It was such an interesting area, and the curved benches made it really easy to have conversations with other people, and several different groups can use it without there being a problem either. The fire pit in the middle section was a really nice tough as well as the planter beds with flowers and herbs growing in them.

It was so easy to get around the entire farm as well, especially since it had just rained and most of the ground was very muddy. The gravel paths were a nice commodity that I wasn’t expecting. I wish that the flower fields were in bloom, but even though they weren’t, it was still interesting to walk along the paths. There was even a trellis archway that you could walk under, which was really cool. After I was done exploring the community space, I ate lunch at one of the picnic tables and watched some of the other workers while they continued with their chores.


Kirstin R.


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