A Space Worth Your Time

Saturday nights are the farm dinner nights. Everyone in the county who is anyone brings their best crops or their wealthiest yields to Our Table, a cute little cooperative farm, for a feast among the farming community. Hundreds of people rub shoulders at mile-long picnic tables that neatly arranged under a well built 4 point structure; a space that’s new, that’s fresh, that’s hip.

People travel to spend time under this canopy, and spend time next to the large open fire pit. Farmers, community members, employees of Our Table use this newly renovated space top enjoy views of the Willamette Valley, and of the Cascades all while talking farm talk and building solidarity. Moonlight starts to takeover the property and the mood is set with a roaring fire and welcoming Bourbon Street lighting. The night almost seems endless before folks start trickling off, their bellies full of food, and soul full of the company they have shared their evening with. Plans for next week’s Saturday farm dinner are already in the works, rain or shine with allowance from the shelter. The community has a desire to return to this wonderful place, and the goals of this reDesign have been met.

The sun peaks its way over the back of Mt. Hood and onto the bustle of preparation of the Sunday Farm’s Market held in the community space in conjunction with the farm store. Famers from all around the area set up booths under the structure, welcoming the rest of the non-farming community and allowing everyone easy access to the freshest foods around.

Parker Stidham


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