Community Space Redesign

When I first walk in, I see that it is spacious with a lot open area. There’s a lot of places to let sunlight in. The roof is clear, I like to see a lot of “nature” around me, I don’t like to feel enclosed. I also like the fire pit in the middle, it’s kind of an object that would gather people together since it’s a source of fire. It reminds me of this food cart on Division, where there is a fire place in the center of all the carts for all the customers to eat and mingle among each other. I like the fact that the roof is clear, so if it does happen to rain, we can see and experience the rain falling without actually having to get wet. I just think it’s nice that there is even a community space, so that people can gather and get to know each other. The white drapes is also a good idea because it can be used to keep those in the community space warm with the fire, and it can also be used as a screen for a projector, so movie nights could possibly be hosted. When I leave, I feel some kind warmth inside after being able to connect with others who are interested in the same thing I am. I’d feel that I would like to come back for many other events. Also, it’s FREE, so that’s a plus. Overall I think having a community space for events and people to come to is a great idea. I think there’s so much potential that this community space has.


-Andrew Mai






















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