Covered Community Area

From the redesign recently created for Our Table, I feel that people would actually enjoy my idea of a community space. With a playground in the front, tables in the middle, chicken area, and information about the farm in the back, I’m sure they’d notice that this space is actually meant to be engaging unlike the current design. The first thing they’ll see is the playground. With children around, of course they’ll want to go on the playground and play. With that, their parents would have to join them to watch them go down the slide, swing on the swing, hang from the monkey bars, or play in the sand. While the children are doing all of that, the parents can relax on the benches or they can have a meal on the tables. Because chicken’s aren’t really “big” in the mainland as it is on Kauai, the children would be interested by that also. That will lead them to the back on the covered area and the parents will end up looking at the stands and reading about the purpose of the farm. When they look beyond the community space after learning about the farm, they’ll see a field of fruits and/or vegetables and want to explore. By that, I feel that it causes the community to engage a lot with Our Table as a whole. Our Table is known for producing food for the community, therefore the community should feel invited and engaged with their products. The people visiting Our Table will leave with knowledge about the farm and experience of what a farm is like.

April Mae Balisacan


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