Final Re-Design for Our Table


Going to Our Table farm I noticed outside the grocery store there was a gazebo covered in plants and flowers. There lots of different kinds of berries, fruits, and vegetables hanging off the pillars of it. The top of it is made of some kind of grass or sod with small flowers planted in it. I go to pick some raspberries growing on one of the pillars, there are also blueberries mixed in with them. It’s really hot and sunny out so I sit underneath it because it provides a lot of shade. There is a lot of room under it for multiple groups of people who want to get shelter from the rain or sun. I have never seen something like this before and I find it very convenient because it provides coverage and food to eat.

When I left the farm I knew I would go back to help plant more food on the living gazebo. It brings people together when they use it and when they help maintain it. I do not think many other farms have something like this. I like that it is also environmentally friendly and is not that hard to fix or maintain. It makes it much easier to pick food since it is part of the space where everyone is. People can relax and have access to berries and other foods. Something like this should be used more often on other farms, it is something that could bring more people to the farm.

Quinn Pacheco


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