My Our Table Store ReDesign

Redesigning the Our Table store has been an interesting experience in trying to figure out what makes good design in a place where I never thought about design before. I started out with many different ideas, and eventually landed in a very different place. My ideas and thinking about how I would design the space started out from thinking about the shelves, and evolved into a sort of semi-3D floor plan, which I think serves its purpose well enough. Looking at the design process I went through, I think my biggest changes and best ideas that went into the design came from focusing down on the idea that the store belongs as a farm store, not just a regular grocery store. I really think that if the store is going to sell expensive food and farm grown items, it should be focused on those things with a design layout that reflects that. In order to center the store around this idea, I decided that moving the produce and other fresh items into plain view as you enter was the best choice, because as it stands now those items are hidden behind a wall as you go in. My next redesign focuses more on the community and interaction aspect of the store by opening up the kitchen with a window. By doing this people are able to directly order from the people who are making their food, as well as see them and the food as it is being prepared, often straight from the farm.

Nick Warne


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