Redesign Of Entry

I drove down a long road looking for “Our Table” farm at dusk, I saw a light in the distance. As I came closer I found a brightly lit pathway towards a farm store. There was a large sign facing towards the road that was lit up with a bright light that was below it, and a flower and shrub garden surrounding. It showed the activities and dates of events happening at the farm. I looked to my left to see a large seemingly antique piece of farming equipment. I looked straight ahead and saw a large archway, that had “Our Table” written on it. There was a metal gate below the arch that was opened, attached to two stone pillars that were all connected to the entrance. I began to drive on the lengthy path. On my left and right ran a long dark brown fence, on one side a tree farm, on the other a few cows. I looked up and noticed small twinkling lights running from the entrance to another pillar that had an old fashioned lamp post on it. The lights closely resembled the lights that were on the farm store itself. There were two planting boxes with a few vegetables growing on them on the left side. Between the boxes were several tile art pieces seemingly drawn by children. I looked to the right to see several parking spaces, along with garden boxes that had flowers, shrubs, and a single tree inside. I pulled into an unmarked parking spot, and stepped onto the gravel path, I walked toward the farm store nearing another gate, on each side a garden of shrubs and flowers. The gate was a similar metal material as the entry gate, but without an arch. The twinkling lights led me directly into the store.

As I entered the store I thought of how wonderful of an experience arriving was, I was excited to see more of this farm!

I ended my wonderful experience with a peaceful exit, I loved the welcoming feel, and I left with the desire to come back to this comforting place.

Makenna Bell


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