Driving up to Our Table through their narrow entrance, you can tell that this small, homey farm is different. I can’t wait to see the people who work here, because I have heard so much about the community here from places like New Seasons and from checking out their Facebook page. I park in their quaint parking lot, and walk the distance to the grocery store to buy the produce that I promised for everyone at home. I open the door and step inside and look to my left. The colorful, capital words: “THIS FOOD IS DIFFERENT” stand out to me, and I feel that I have stepped into a place that is truly different. I see the sign showing their seal, and I now know to keep an eye out for it, and marvel that they have products from other places as well. Their other sign shows a picture of someone who works there and a little bio, I see their mission statement, and it looks like they have added multiple extra notes and pictures on and around this sign of those people who work and visit the farm. It adds to that sense of community that I have heard about, and the blues and greens of this sign stand out beautifully next to the comfy, deep brown lounge area by the fire place. This place feels different.

Emily Kimes


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