Someone Else’s Perspective

As someone who would be a prospective visitor to Our Table Farms, it is important to investigate how an individual’s first impression of the space can be perceived. From the results, we can learn what improvements could be made or what should be removed. In this instance, we will look at how my Redesign process can be perceived. As you approach the farm you come up to a large building themed somewhat similar to a big red barn. After wandering through the inside of the building, you will find yourself outside. Behind the main structure is a wide open area with a sectioned off portion about the size of a basketball court. A tall wooden pole in each corner has a string of Christmas lights going from the top of one pole to the next. In that small area there will be a stage configured for different events such as musical concerts, dances, weddings, dinner parties, etc. The other half of the space will be about 9 picnic tables in 3 rows of 3 tables each. The ground in the space is covered in woodchips to prevent the area from becoming muddy and looking unkempt. In this area as a whole, people can come together and use this space as a community. At the end of the day, they will leave the space knowing that it can continue to be used in the way that they enjoyed it. With my proposed Redesign project, the area would become a purposeful space where people can go to relax and enjoy themselves.scrn 1


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