That Time I Went To Our Table

I drive up to the destination and I am immediately greeted with a classy rock and stone sign with bold letters saying “WELCOME TO, OUR TABLE FARM”. As I pass the sign and turn onto the farm’s entrance road, I notice all of the beautiful bright flowers and big green trees. The trees are filled with different types of fruits because it is their season to grow and it is amazing. I look over to my left and glance at a sign filled with information, I wonder what it says. I grab the nearest parking spot and hop out of my car. The sign intrigued me and made me curious as to what was on it so I walk over a take a look. After reading the information, I notice there are more signs leading up to the market, I must read them all! I stop by each sign and read the fun facts that are provided. I never realized that about the farm…OH! How cool is that! As I get closer to the market I see another sign that is extremely round and colorful. It seems to have information about what the farm grows for each season. Wow, I never knew they grew these flowers during that season, I’ll have to come back and get some! I approach the market door and out of the corner of my eye I see a bulletin board full of photos. I reach for the camera and snap a picture of me smiling with one of Our Table’s employees, my photo will be displayed on their next week. Time passes and once I leave it is rather dark, but I notice very cute and attractive lights along the road leading me back to my car. I leave knowing more about the farm than I ever did and now I know I can come back and buy my favorite flowers during the next season. I also leave knowing I left my mark at Our Table with my photo and now others will see.

~Sam Saxton-Getty


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