The Wonderful Entrance, Revised

I created an idea. This idea has been particularly special to me. It provides me a sense of nostalgia. At home, in Idaho, the world around me was mostly covered in beautiful huge trees and amazing scenery. This is a touch that belongs to all sources of meaningful life. My prototype had the trees, the bricks, and a white picket fence. In the revision (as shown above), I made the trees apple trees instead of oak trees, grass under the trees, signs on the trees, and I removed the white picket fence. I decided apple trees would be better because red apples match the red bricks. I decided the grass would be great because it would make the entrance inviting as a source of a hangout spot where people could socialize and eat apples together. I got rid of the white picket fence because fences imply that the company is not all-inclusive; but all people should feel welcome. I added the signs to formerly welcome people to Our Table and to warn people of falling apples (it’s part of the opportunity cost).


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