Veronica Mars Visits Our Table

My name is Veronica Mars and today me and my family, the Martians, are visiting the Our Table farm and grocery store down in Sherwood, Oregon for the first time ever, I am pretty excited to see what new renovations the handsome-looking very famous designer and architect Malik Ridgell did to the farm. So we’re finally at the farm and from first glance it looks so wonderful and majestic, like a winter wonderland or something of that sort. The first thing I notice is their company sign, it is very demanding of my attention and I just want to stare at it for a very long time. I know exactly where to go and who to call if I have any questions about the farm. This driveway is pretty long but it is actually not a pain because the flowers and bushes alongside the driveway are so beautiful that they are almost mesmerizing, I kind of got stuck in a gaze. They are very pretty to look at. We got really lucky with parking because we ended up getting the very first parking spot in the lot right at the front door of the grocery store. It just so happened that Kobe Jordan, the star famous BASEketball player was leaving as we were coming in. I love everything Malik has done with his section of the farm that he was assigned to redesign, he really outdid himself this time. This might even be his best work yet!


Malik Ridgell *takes a bow*


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