Your Our Table Redesign

Walking into the farm the first would be the red-ish, white, brown building shooting up from the unfinished ground. Walking up to the building only to be skeptical of what lies within, only find a quaint little grocery store within. The concrete leading up to the store looks to be freshly laid onto the ground and is still vibrant in its gray color. The barn looking building has even more than meets the eye. When looking to the right of the building there seems to be a loading bay that ships out the crops grown there to various farmers market perhaps or maybe local stores. The red building in the middle of the entrance is the first to draw your eye, and it keeps your interest as peer inside and find that you will never find live stock in this barn. Going beyond the barn there is the community space. At first glance there is nothing but a pile of hay in the middle of a barren field, but as you get closer, much like the barn, there is more than meets the eye. Once you get closer and look to the sky you can see the remnants of the twinkling lights that would dance in the nights to come, and the hay bales laid about this barren land can soon be pictured being brought out their piles and lain around in different formation for people to sit on and chat throughout the night under the twinkling lights. Although much of the land is barren at this moment upon closer inspection there is much potential at the Our Table Cooperative farm.

Octavia Wade


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