Black Licorice

For the food tracking project I choose to trace the origin of Wiley Wallaby Black Licorice. I love everything to do with licorice so this choice was a no brainier for me. I already knew vaguely where licorice comes from, so researching it was relatively easy, mostly just browsing through Wikipedia articles. The hard part really ended up being getting a hold of the company. When I called them the first time I was immediately answered by the help desk who were very willing to transfer me to someone who might be able to answer my questions. Unfortunately that’s were I hit a dead end, I was held in hold limbo for about twenty minutes before being transferred back to the help desk, where I was told the person they were transferring me to was out to lunch. They asked me if i wanted to leave a message and I said I would, but despite being very specific about what I needed, they never called me back. Anytime I would call after that I would be dumped into a confusing dialing system, which never let me reach the help desk again. So overall, I really didn’t have my opinions changed on the product, I was just weirded out by the company.


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