Blog Post 4

I have to go take my daughter to this adventure playground. I’m not quite sure how I feel about it I’ve heard that adventure playgrounds can be very dangerous but my daughter wants to go. I promised her that we would walk to the adventure playground after school.

At first sight I’m not sure what this playground is. It looks very cost effective and not like you stereotypical playground that you find in normal suburban areas. Walking through the gates I saw an area with other parents sipping on wine without a worry about their children’s safety.

“Maybe this is better than I thought it was going to.”.

As my daughter and I walk up to the entrance of the adventure playground her face lite up and she saw all the other kids running and having a great time. The playground instructor told us what the lesson of the day and the he let my daughter in.

I went to sit with the other parents and it wasn’t awkward what so ever. Everyone was super friendly and in the designated areas we could sip on some wine; that you can buy from the farms amazing store. I stayed in the wine area until my daughter came out of the maze like playground telling me random facts and asking if we can come back the next day for the next lesson and surprisingly I wanted to go back and I was happy it was local within walk distance of home.

By Violet Gibson


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