Farm Field Report

  1. Observations made at the farm: ^)Entrance, %)Driveway, ~)Market, *)Com center
    • While on this interesting trip to Our Farm I saw some great qualities that the farm already possessed but everyone knows there is always room for improvement. The main problem from the entrance was its lack of visibility and its non-farm-distinctive flags, and also in my opinion the very small sign. I had no problem with the parking lot or the store so in deciding what to change I went with the community center. After the tour we walked through this aesthetically pleasing market with its variety of jelly’s and cute kid art that was hanging on the walls. Suddenly there was a change of mood as soon as I stepped out the back door. That’s when I really saw the four main sections a shopper goes through when they come by this farm. The experience of start to finish was slightly becoming dull when it came to section *.  By the picture above you can kind of see polls and lights posing as a cool place to gather and sit on hay-bells (I hope the sarcasm read through). The place overall seamed tied together minus this one area which looked like a forgotten and untouched. If there was one thing that stood out and screamed to me “please fix me up” it was this community center. Since it only as a few things like lights, a couple pools, and hay it feels like this land has so much untapped potential that can really tie the entirety of the organics in farming.
    • Description in depth of what I felt or saw:
      • I felt basic like I could explore and tamper with this solace land. The scene played a part in this field but more like the true star that was casted as the understudy because they weren’t good looking enough. As we walked over and were explained this is where the home of the social life lived I felt the chill of an unwanted welcome. This could have been an empty parking lot and as long as it had the title “community center” it was accepted as such. To me it is more about the feel and personality which I thought this place in the farm seemed to lack the most out of the entire farm. Which kind of made me sad considering this was suppose to be the joint for fun and long lasting memories with those around you. I wished there was something that really made me think wow that was so cool how we did ___ and just talked and laughed.. ha ha oh good times at the farm! My priority with this is making a individual connect with this space instead of want to run away from its blandness. The things I did see I did not like or enjoy this one detail of the farm seemed untouched and that is why I want to take on the task of making this part of town pop! Give the area some life that can with stand a crowd and not just a pile of wet hay-bells.
  2. Top ten questions:
    • How often is it currently being used?
    • What was its original intent?
    • What benefit does it have currently?
    • Can you tell what it was created for?
    • When is it most used?
    • How can we remodel but make it look natural?..
    • Is it possible to get that part of the land flat?
    • Was would be the possibility of making the space larger?
    • How often will it need up keeping?
    • Initial cost for a small park?

Kimberly Nunez


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