The Transparency of Huy Fong

The process of finding about my product was met without any challenges. The Huy Fong  Food company was very transparent with how they presented their products. There was never really any hiccup in finding out about Sriracha sauce. The company website gave most of what I needed, their story, and ingredients could be easily found and disclosed most of the information that I was seeking. The only thing I couldn’t really find was an interview with Huy Fong owner David Tran. I learned that David Tran was a very private man and was very secretive on who knew that he was the owner. Luckily there was a recent documentary that featured Mr.Tran pretty extensively. The documentary was free to watch so that made things so much easier to learn more about the company. My views of Sriracha changed but it changed in the positive way, the way the company prides itself on using local ingredients and sticking to the farms in California really impressed me with how big the company got over the past few years. How David Tran runs his company is very old fashioned only expanding if needs be, he doesn’t concern himself with the money, he is more concerned with the quality of his product and how the people view his product. He has transparency which a lot of companies don’t have nowadays.     


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