A walk through the store.

Man I think I should run out to Our Table, I’ve heard that they have more local foods than the grocery store, and I’ve been trying to eat healthier. Man this place is out of the way, but the shop looks quaint. Alright time to go inside.

“Hello, welcome to Our Table!”

Oh, the cashier just said hi, I should probably acknowledge. Ok said hi now lets look around. Wow they actually have a lot more products in stock than I thought that they would. I really like the layout of this place, it feels cozy but not cramped, and the soft lighting is nice on the eyes. Let’s see the sign over there says “Frozen Food”, it would be awfully nice to pick up something easy to prepare for dinner. Wow they have a nice selection of organic ravioli, and the sign over by the front said ravioli was twenty percent off for the next hour, seems like a deal to me. I should also check out that make your own trail mix section they have, it’s so hard to find trail mix without peanuts, so it would be nice to be able to make some of my own. Alright now lets just checkout and get home, I’m so tired. Alright, and we are out time to go throw the pasta on the stove and relax to some Netflix. I should remember this pace though, it’s actually pretty nice.


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