Bulk Food reDesign

For my reDesign, I rethought Our Table’s bulk food section and how to bring the rest of their grocery store’s experience into it. First off, the customer would probably notice the table in front of the bulk food section. Instead of weights, there would be measuring cups, which makes much more sense when it comes to measuring how much food you want to buy. On the wall would be jars full of bulk foods that they can bring down; they would notice the pictures attached to the jars that tell them what farm the food was grown at. As they remove the jar from the shelf, they will also notice a description of that farm behind where the jar was, which will likely be taped onto the shelf wall. As they bring the jars down to the table, there will also be recipes on that table that will involve multiple bulk foods that Our Table sells. After reading them, they might go back and decide to buy more types of bulk food that are available for purchase. The measuring cups that they will use to measure the quantity that they purchase will offer a more realistic experience than weights when it comes to using them for cooking. The redesigned bulk food section will bring their local farms to the customers, much like what the rest of the Our Table grocery store already does. As a result, customers leave with knowledge about where their food comes from and connects them to their food, giving them an experience that many grocery stores lack.

-Dana Leung


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