Entrance Design

“Wow, they sure changed this place up. Haha, look guys, there’s no more leaves.” I laughed to my peers as we went on another trip to Our Table Farm. They used my design, but they didn’t pay. Come on, I’m in debt, and I didn’t apply for any scholarships. Instead we see a field of vibrant color now compared to that bland apocalyptic wasteland that we saw before. It looks neat, the sign on the front of the store really stands out. Maybe a bit more than I wanted, but it does the job. What I really cared for was the chalkboard, I wanted to see what was on it. I saw a giant flower, wow how cute. I walked up to the board, grabbed a chalk stick and drew a giant face on the flower.

“There, that’s better.” I felt accomplished in my little addition to the doodle. Ah, but I wanted to see the kale and pick some myself. I checked the map up front and left to the spot. I wasn’t sure if we were allowed to, but who cares, I planned on buying it anyway. I came back to the store, paid for what I picked, and left pleased.

“That was easy” I thought to myself.


-Nikolas Pahomsky


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