Final reDesign

I casually drive along SW Morgan road on my way home back to Sherwood, and as I look to the left I see an entrance with a sign the shape of a shopping cart that reads “Grocery Store” with clear font that tells me the hours. I just got back from work in Wilsonville and I have time to kill, I needed to run some errands anyways and my curiosity told me to check out the place. Turning left onto the long driveway I glance at the wall opposite to the shopping cart sign that reads “Our Table” and an address. I drive further in and I see “welcome” printed on the pavement. There are these two tall hedges, one on each side of the driveway, the hedges made me feel inside the farm and away from the road. I find a parking spot on the right side of the driveway, and walk towards the old rotary tiller. It is elevated on a wooden platform and when I think of the tiller’s purpose in the farm I start to think that the decoration embodies what the farm is about. The farm implements techniques from the past and the knowledge of today. Right next to the rotary tiller there is an information sign that explains the purpose of Our Table, its mission statement, and some insight of the agricultural techniques used by the farm. In my opinion, the entrance is not overwhelming with abstract qualities, it was welcoming enough for me to go inside, and informative enough for me to know that there is a grocery store in the farm.

(Told from the perspective of a middle aged man who is a family friend)

-Alex Gavin



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