Grocery Store Redesign

As I arrived at Our Table, it was a very pleasant place. The view was gorgeous and the people were very polite. I say that the people are polite because as I entered the store I passed by the register. There was a young lady at the counter and as I entered she  greeted me. It was a nice gesture as I began to look around, the person asked if I needed help, I did not, but the idea of having people within such a small store offer to assist me was very welcoming. As I delve further into the store I see that they have their fresh produce that they have locally grown directly in the middle. The produce looks great and it makes sense for them to put their own product in the main portion of the store. In one corner of the store they have a nice fireplace within the wall. The fireplace has two chairs in front of it with a coffee table in between them. I found that to be a very comforting part of their store because not only do they want you to shop there. They allow for you to hang around and get comfy within their store. About five feet away from the chairs the store offered everyone that came in free coffee. The amount of effort that the people at Our Table have put in to make this store feel like home to everyone that comes to shop there is not going unnoticed. The layout of the store along with the welcoming greeting when you walk in makes me feel right at home.


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