Is that Out Table Farm?

Our Table was such a cool place to go. I had never been on a farm that is so small but plentiful. When I first arrived on the farm I found that it was hard to tell that it was a farm. I chose to redesign the entry way/ driveway. The first major change I would make is having a big metal arch way that has the Our Table logo on it. I believe that this would be a good way to grab people’s attention. As you go down the driveway it is in between two other properties that they do not own. I would line both side with large trees so it blocks you from seeing the other land and it will draw your eyes down the driveway to the farm store. I noticed that the whole drive way was not paved. I would pave the parking spots. It will make it easier for people to take their shopping carts or strollers out of their car. I would add a reader board that displayed the specials that are in the store along with the community events that are happening at Our Table Farm. The theme that I would want to have is that you are captivated to go tp the farm and see all the things it has to offer.


  1. How do you want to feel entering the farm?
  2. How much time do you want to spend at the farm?
  3. How many people shop at the store?
  4. How many people work at the farm?
  5. What is the largest vehicle that drives on the farms driveway?

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