Our Table Cafe

“As I walk into Our Table’s grocery store, I immediately smell something wonderful. I smell French toast and chocolate chip cookies straight out of the oven. I see smiling faces from the friendly staff and parents are sitting at the countertop enjoying this week’s choice of ravioli while their kids devour the French toast. At the end of the tabletop, I see a young couple enjoying the wines from this week’s tasting. I walk up to the register and I am immediately greeted by a young lady. She asks “what would you like to try today?”. There are so many yummy options on the menu but I think I will try their Oregon Dungeness Crab Ravioli and fresh baked banana bread. I purchase my food and wait at the counter for my order. The food arrives very quickly. I am offered free water and coffee, I choose coffee of course with two creams and two sugars. The ravioli is absolutely delicious and it’s hard to believe that it came out of their freezer this morning. The banana bread is gluten free and goes great with my coffee. I am asked again how I’m doing, I tell the young lady my food is perfect and she asks me if I would like to sample the wines from this week’s choices. Of course, I say yes. She brings out four samples of wines and my favorite is the 2013 Sass Pinot Noir. She brings out a new chilled bottle from the back. I ask her how the chef made the ravioli. She asks her coworker to cover her at the register and she takes me into the grocery store area and helps me pick out every ingredient needed to make that delicious ravioli. She also shows me some of this season’s freshest berries. I take a two pound of blueberries home. She helps me purchase my groceries and I leave with ingredients for ravioli, a chilled bottle of 2013 Sass Pinot Nori, and blueberries for dessert. I thank her over and over again. I head home to make dinner for my husband. I think to myself, “I wonder what I will bring home from Our Table next time.”

Lilly Saeteurn


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