Our Table Redesign

I took  trip with my class to Our Table farms with the goal of choosing an area we felt needed to be worked on. After an afternoon on the farm I decided to change the entrance/ parking lot. The entrance as it is now it is not much of anything.

The first thing you see at two big flags, that in my opinion looked a little tacky. Then you maybe see the Our Table sign with some hay bales. The last thing it has is a Farm machine. That is some sort of seed machine. That’s really all there is to it, not much color, or even an organized theme.

I felt that out of everything the entrance was one of the most important part, because the entrance is what brings people into the store, and what leaves the first impression. People make decisions about a place as soon as they look at it. You make assumptions about what you’re going to see and if you’ll enjoy it. It also can be a type of marketing tool if done right. It can draw people in or drive them away.

That’s why I decided to change the road into two separate roads. It lets you add extra color to the place. I put trees and bushes all around, and made the Our Table sign bigger. I also got rid of the stupid flags. I really just wanted to focus on adding color to the entrance, while keeping it simple. The entrance doesn’t need to be super extravagant, if you keep it simple it looks quaint and peaceful.

Amalia Bruley


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