Our Table Store

For our trip to our table I decided to observe the store because I have experience in working retail, and space design. When I started making observations, the first thing I took notes on was the exact layout of the store, I wanted to be able to say what products were where with a high degree of certainty. This would make it easier for me to redesign it later, especially since I want to try to maximize effectively used space. What stood out to me the most was the location of the register. It was placed all the way in the back of the store which made it harder to access, and meant that if people where waiting in line they would be in the way of the people who were trying to shop. Although one thing I loved about the store was the availability of local products, a lot of the time when you go to the store you have to wonder where your products are from, and it’s not always easy to tell if something was locally produced. But going to the store at Our Table guaranteed that the items would be sourced from the closest possible area, and that they would be as fresh as possible.

10 Questions:

How can the space be improved?

What method would be the least amount of work but yield the greatest result?

How can the space be re-arranged to be more pleasing to shop in?

Why is the register in the location it is?

How can we use the space in the hallway more effectively?

What does the store want to represent?

Why are there similar products in different parts of the store?

Could there be a featured item section?

Why is wine the front and center display?

How can we draw more people to the store?


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