OurTable Re-Design

From the perspective of an outsider, OurTable may not look like that much at first glance. Visually, it looks like any other small farm in the Willamette Valley. It’s located in a semi-rural area, a few trees sprinkled around the property, farm animals next door, typical looking farm house, etc. But once you visit OurTable, you learn that it’s so much more.

As I arrived, I was greeted by OurTable’s founder, Narendra Varma. He began telling me all about OurTable, their story, and basically why they do what they do. I also received a tour of the farm during my time at the farm as well! I really enjoyed seeing the greenhouses and how their crops were grown. I also liked the store too and seeing all of the different local and non-local foods that they had to offer. All of this stuff was cool, but my favorite part was when he took me out to view the community gathering area.

Narendra had mentioned that OurTable had recently renovated and redesigned this space. Apparently, before it was just wooden beams with string lights hung on the top. Now, they have a removable stage for music and dancing, they’ve added a fire pit, and they’ve added seating other than they previous bales of hay. I saw pictures of what was previously here and this place looks amazing now; it looks incredibly welcoming and fun to hangout in. Narendra also mentioned that OurTable is planning on hosting local musicians and organizing other fun activities to do in this space this summer and they’re calling them “Summer Sessions”. I would definitely be interested in coming back and utilizing this awesome space for the community. FINALDESIGN


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