Parks and Rec

Lets talk re-design. For my final project I went with a large touch up on the community center which had some character development to go through before it could really be considered viable. So I walk up the little hill and have been able to spot the new community center ever so clearly. One of my kids instantly makes a run for the new swing set and the other insists on riding the slide. I on the other hand head straight for the tables and sit to eat the kale chips I just purchased and watch my children run out of steam. As I get through the part of the bag one of my kids runs up to me and asks me if they can start a plant in the new garden- which they can name and visit! I took a picture put it on Instagram to let my friends and family know about the renovated community area #ourtable #organicpark. We finish plotting our plant and as we get up I notice a cute red wagon I put both boys in there and pulled them around for a bit until they wanted to ride the seesaw. After a while the kids look beat, the three of us grab our things and head to our car. As I am driving away I see a bit of the tether ball pole that hopefully they could both reach to get a game  going between the two, my wife would have liked the new place.

Kimberly Nunez








Kimberly Nunez


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