Personality of the redesign

Walking through the doors of the grocery store the first thing I notice in the redesign is the personality of the area. There is art covering the walls. There is a large table with coffee and snacks with a nice quote in between. Two love seats sit on the left side with a little table and a fireplace making it a nice place to gather to enjoy your coffee and snacks. Across the room is a bulletin board with clear and attention grabbing posts. By that there is a place to submit your own artwork which gives the place even more personality.

The first thing I would do is check out their bulletin board and see what is posted. Checking out the bulletin board would be cool because their master plan/vision is posted so I know what they are all about without the guesswork. Then I would go try the free coffee that is offered and check out the variety of snacks. Then I would either sit and enjoy the warmth of the fireplace or walk around the area and observe the different types of artwork hanging on the walls.

After the visit I would come out with not only an appreciation for their store and farm in general but also with an appreciation for organic and local snacks like candy and all sorts of other things that I know what’s in them and where they came from. The store gave me a sense of peace knowing that there can still be places that are local , trustworthy and still have personality.


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