Pistachios, a product

I chose the wonderful pistachios company for my product and was tasked with finding out the production process of our product. The first place I went to was the wonderful  pistachios company website. It is a fairly well designed website that offers allot of information about the product but not really anything about how it was made. Mainly just fluff about history and why it was the best product boasting using only natural ingredients. I decided to look at the parent company simply called the Wonderful Company’s website to see if I could find any contact info on the site.

This site heavily resembled the previous one with its layout and information presented. There I saw a contact us button under the pistachio logo and thought I had found it. Instead of bringing me to a page with contact information it brought me back to the original pistachio website where I could not find any contact information. This started to become quite the run around as many of the links on the parent website would just lead back to the pistachio site where no information was presented.

I did however finally find a tab on the parent site which contained the contact info I wanted and was able to get into contact with the Wonderful Pistachio company, to where the rest of the process was a breeze. After I explained to the representative who had answered my phone call I was quickly forwarded to someone who could give me better information for my paper. The people on the phone were polite and fairly open to questions. There were some things that either due to company policies or just lack of knowledge by the person on the phone I was unable to find but overall my calls to the company were very fruitful.

  • Logan H. Sanchez

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