Redesign Assignment

As I am walking inside of the little grocery store at Our Table Farms, I noticed how it looked so vintage and modern at the same time! The thing that caught my eye was how there were so many different kinds of decorations around the entire store that actually represented a country looking kind of farm. There’s even some hay stacks for us to sit in when we want to wait for one of our family members to finish shopping. As I am walking towards the grocery section of the store, there are at least six special food items of the day that are specially discounted and theres also some cool scientific/ nutritional information about each special item of the day! Not only am I going here to shop for my groceries, I am actually getting some awesome information about the special items of the day. The portraits that are laying around against the walls in the store, has some folk dancers and it tells a story behind each individual portrait around the grocery store itself. The music thats playing in here is also quite interesting since its not just any other kind of music. The music as I am hearing at the moment is like some old fashion folk music! The vibe in here seems so country like and thats the type of vibe I want to feel when I walk into a farm grocery store.  I am for sure going to come back to get that farm experience I want to experience!

-Jessica Souvanlasy


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