Every morning on my way to work, I happened to drive along Morgan RD., which is the fastest rout to get into the freeway. Recently I have notice a change on this particular farm that is adjacent to the road. One day I decided to stop right before going home. The bight red sign of a GROCERY STORE in a farm caught my attention. As I was driving the front entrance I notice few interesting designs that I had to check them out. Once I got out my car, I got a sense of joy seen how welcoming this driveway was. At first glance and even when someone is driving by, people can see these lovely bright signs of vegetable and fruit right above the peaked fence. These little details give this farm a little more or an insight of what they grow inside the farm. In addition, been a grocery store as well I can only imaging those signed implying their fresh cut produce ready to be sold to someone like myself inside the store. One thing that I thought was amazing was the blue barriers bushes along the fence facing the parking lost. It gave the entrance a touch that makes me want to go inside the store. On top of that the idea of being able to taste their produce even before buying was fantastic; kids can have fun and families could interact with one another while tasting some delicious berries.

Angel Martinez Villalta


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