The Drive-thru “O”

My redesign is more than just a driveway. Besides being a breathtaking entrance, my design serves as an attention getter and to some extent as an illusion. It will make the driveway feel much shorter and more exciting. People will want to visit the farm mainly to see the large sign in person and capture great memories besides it. As you drive on the southwest Morgan road, it will be hard to miss the massive sign. Before you enter the driveway you will see a smaller sign with information such as the store operating days and hours, farm’s phone number and a picture of the farm’s master plan. You will know exactly what the farm is working towards to achieving and will feel welcomed and informed before even entering the farm’s property. With the filled excitement to drive through the massive letter “O”, you will start heading towards the sign. The white picket fence will greet you with a calm, welcoming farm feel and the properties on the sides will add on to that. Looking to the right, you will see a beautiful Christmas tree farm, and on the left a green pasture with grazing cows. In the matter of seconds, you will reach the drive-thru “Our FARM” logo and will have the opportunity to capture the moment next to the stunning view. Combined with the foreground (picket fence and side properties), middle ground (large logo) and background (farm house), will produce balanced professional pictures that won’t be forgotten. After visiting the farm, visitors will leave with quality organic food products and great pictures/memories.

-Moisey Bezukhov


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