The new community area

Walking out from the store I am immediately greeted by the smell of cooking food and the sight of people sitting down with each other and enjoying it. The store front is a variable outdoor restaurant filled with happy, hungry people. As I walk through the tables to try to find the source I notice up the hill some little games. Well not little but ones I haven’t played in years. Things like horseshoes, bolo-ball, and corn hole.  All these games are also surrounding beautiful flowers. Even though it is the dead of winter, there are still flowers blooming, they must have planted perennials. Many people are already playing but it seems like the “line” is moving quickly and I am able to get a few games of corn hole in before realizing I was still hungry. I get my food from a huge barbecue manned by a very nice person who keeps the food moving. I grab some cooked vegetables and hot dogs ad it begins to get dark.  I sit down in the area surrounded by lights and logs and finish my meal watching the sunset. As night begins to settle in the party/Christmas lights turn on and someone had begun lighting a large bonfire. Its at this point anyone who is left begins talking and enjoying each others company. The previous barbecue area is now a marshmallow and s’more station. Handing out sticks with gooey confections for cooking over the large fire to either to be eaten or be brought back and made into a delicious sugary snack. As the fire begins to die myself and many others take this as our cue to leave. We thank our wonderful hosts for the meal and experience and head home with a full belly.


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