The Pond Redesign

As I walked through the entrance at Our-Table’s farm with my mom and dad,  I’m not impressed so far. Boring, lack of color and signs makes it look like a baron wasteland. Continuing down the path I’d notice a grocery store, inside I found tons of food and other accessories but still, there’s nothing that’s eye capturing yet. I don’t know why my parents forced me to go, I just wanted to hanged out with my girlfriend. After leaving the store I noticed a sign that says follow this road and it will lead you to the community space. Traveling down this path seems very lively, lots of nice flowers and sculptures. Coming to a complete stop, I drop my jaw. This is the community space? Why is it near the pond? Examining the bridge a little bit closer, it looks like it’s made out of red wood. Walking closer to the picnic tables, it looks like there’s lights in the background making it easier to see at night. Very Elegant. Oh there’s even a cover for when it rain. It seems like whoever designed this section is a genius. The place got it’s casual look in the morning but when night comes it looks like such a romantic place. Everything about this layout is just perfect, and normally I hate a lot of things that has to do with a farm. I told my father “Dad this place is pretty nice huh.” He just responded with “Take your girlfriend out here, I guaranteed you she will love it.” I bet she will.

-Kevin Huynh


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