The seating Area

when someone walks into the new designed seating area the feel of nature and relaxation will hit them. the seating area is expanded out so you can see the mountains and the beauty of the farm. the clear roof provides protection against the weather, while still letting you look up and enjoy nature. the tables are no loner in front of the doors, so you will be able to sit and relax. there are circular tables for me to sit at and engage with others in a friendly conversation. there is a fire pit with hay bells under the clear roof so I can sit and roast marshmallows or just keep warm. There is a playground right in front of the seating area and the air is full of laughter and talking. I notice a huge oval table with a strip of grass down the middle and flowers growing on it. This table catches my attention and in some way is the center of the seating area for everyone to come together and talk. there are many options for me. do i sit at the smaller circular tables? or do i sit at the centerpiece table? do i sit by someone on a hay bell by the fire? or do i go to the playground to play? there are so many choice for me to make ; the one thing i know is that there is always laughter and talking in the air and I leave with the sense of love, happiness,friendship, and community.



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