Visiting the redesigned Our Table grocery shop

As a person who now visits the farm, I think one of the very first things that one would notice would be the way the bulletin board has completely been converted into a large green table that has some magnetic sheets attached to them on which comments and ideologies of the visitors and the consumers can be written using markers. It is a way of representing the farm in a very symbolical way. A rack of samples is placed in the entrance of the grocery shop with all sorts of products with their specification and use by date listed. A couple of new changes that have added to the existing essence of the grocery shop include the presence of plants hanging inside the grocery area to give the customers the feeling of a farm market rather than a normal grocery shop and the rolling container to carry goods easily. They are given a chance to voice their opinions and speak about what they want to see in the market in the small seating area outside the store. They can also do the same by inserting chits into the ballot boxes that are placed at the entrance of the shop. While coming out they write on the same chit, a feedback saying how they liked it and what they would like to change. They also get to meet with the farm representatives and get an overview on how they farm and what sort of plants they grow and would want to plant.

                                                                                                           -Gomathy Venkata Krishnan


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