Walking Down the Farm

When they arrive down the driveway they will notice a pack of people in the open field and will go take a look at what is going on. I want them to notice the event that is going on for that day. If it is something that applies to them I want the aura to be inviting so they don’t feel intimidated when they walk in.For example, if they were to visit the farm on a day where the event was “How to Grow Your Own Garden at Home” they could learn the proper techniques to planting and determining what crops have a higher chance of surviving in specific weather conditions and how to protect plants during other weather conditions. It would be a hands-on learning experience and they would get to take the crop that they learned about home so they can practice improving their green thumb. They would be able to get questions answered immediately by having a human-to-human interaction instead of looking it up online through Yahoo. I want the visitors to notice the event coming up in a week called “Learning How to Create Your Own Recipes” and will want to head back to the farm again in a week instead of just dropping by when they want to purchase food items.



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