Welcome To Our Table

After touring the farm with my class and getting a first had look at the space we could work with I decided to choose the entrance of the grocery store to do my redesign project on. The grocery store is at the heart of the farm and is the front stage for all of the co-ops end products.  When i first walked in, I was very underwhelmed by the decorations and the efforts made to make the area valuable and worthwhile so I decided to design an interior that would be more welcoming to anyone who enters the door. My design focused primarily on taking what Our Table already had existing and using the pieces to recreate a better entrance environment- a recycled idea design approach. I wanted to focus foremost on allowing the guests to have an interactive connection with the company and the employees of Our Table. To me, this redesign meant more visuals(pictures) and quotes from the workers themselves stating why they are working there or what their favorite food memory was. This plan helped with my vision of emphasizing the interaction aspect between the visitors and the company and how the focus question “What is your favorite food memory” is approached. It is hard for people to voluntarily write their memories on a board when there is no reasoning of why or what the importance of the question is. So, by using pictures up on the wall of the employees smiling to “greet” the visitors, the entrance will provide an effortless way of getting the customers to feel comfortable. I believe that this subconscious connection between the visitor and the co-op allows the customers to feel open to share their food memory experiences and voluntary participate in questionnaires. My inspiration for this redesign was based off of the kindness and openness the employees reflected when talked to about their job. In the end, I hope that this redesign model helps engage the guests more than the previous model. This would be a beneficial design for Our Table because the more comfortable the customers feel the more likely the customers will allow themselves to use the co-op to its fullest potential. The added plus is that the employees will also benefit  from the new design by being recognized for their hard work and dedication for making the farm unique and personal.

By: Jessica Meylor


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