Farm Report


When I was at the farm, I picked the community space to do my prototype. I chose this space because I thought it needed the most help. Although this place has a fairly large space, it didn’t have a lot of things going on. The community space was very boring to me, there were only hays in the center of the community space. And the grass were yellow; it seemed like they were fake/dead. There wasn’t a lot going on in the community space. Although I nothing really stood out for me, the idea of the Christmas light above the community space really interest me. Out of all the community space has, the one thing that stood out to me most was the Christmas lights.

Seeing the community space, I don’t really see people having relationships with the farm. The farm looked like it wouldn’t help anybody. Also, it doesn’t look like anyone would want to go to the community area. It doesn’t even look welcoming. Even if it doesn’t have any relationship with humans, I see that this farm do connect to the farm as a whole. The reason why I believe that it connects to the whole is because the community space almost look like a farm. Its wet, and does not look very entertaining.

  1. How often is the space being used?
  2. Do people even use them?
  3. When was it build?
  4. Why does it look so plain and boring?
  5. Why didn’t they have the roof?
  6. Why didn’t they put a fire pit?
  7. Do people there have a meeting at the space?
  8. Is it being used at night?
  9. Can people use it for camping?
  10. Are people at the farm satisfy with the community space?



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