My ReDesign

“As I walk up to the Our Table grocery store, I notice a beautifully decorated sign with flowers, nicely showing where the grocery store is. Once I come into the front doors, I look to my right and see a great sign representing Our Table’s vision plan for their future. I notice that they have highlighted things grown on their farm and sold right here in the grocery store. It is amazing that things produced just outside are packaged and ready to go in here. I notice on the sign that the highlighted parts of the farm are where they grow their berries, flowers, and meats. Now I am interested to see if i can actually purchase any of these things. I walk towards the back of the store and find some berries that say farm grown! I am excited to purchase something that I know exactly where it came from. I walk towards the left of the store and see that they have flowers for sale also. These flowers are so beautiful and so perfect for decorations. I will grab some of these and buy them for my home. I walk back to the berries and also purchase some to support Our Table. I am glad that there was a big poster board showing exactly what is grown and sold here at Our Table. It is amazing to know that these purchases were grown at such a wonderful farm. It feels great to be able to support a local farm and what they can produce.”

Lisa Tern


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