Tracking My Cheesecake

My food product was the Safeway Brand Cheesecake. Because of the cheesecake that I chose was not much packaged or promoted, I couldn’t find much information about it. So I just did a research on the cheesecake in general. I found out that cheesecake was a popular ancient dish in Greece. Later on, it was introduced to Great Britain and Western Europe by the Roman conquering armies and cheesecakes were flourishing throughout Scandinavia, England, and northwestern Europe. The earliest extant cheesecake recipes are found in the “Cato the Elder’s De Agriculture”, which includes recipes for two cakes for religious uses, the libum and placenta. Now cheesecake have spread over the world with people creating many different types of cheesecake.

I learned that there were many types and different kinds of cheesecakes out there. Cheesecakes can be broadly categorized, each comes in a variety of styles determined by region. The most essential ingredient in any cheesecake is cheese, and the most commonly used are cream cheese, Neufchatel, cottage cheese, and ricotta.

What I found that I think it was interesting was the Kraft cream cheese that I eat with bagel was developed mostly for the cheesecake. While I was looking for information of cheesecake, I found the information on the Kraft foods website about the Empire Cheese Company of New York began producing Philadelphia brand cream cheese for a New York distributor called Reynolds. In 1912, James Kraft developed a method to pasteurize cream cheese, which is the Philadelphia cream cheese, and soon other manufacturers of dairy products offered this newer kind of cream cheese.

-Huiting Chen


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