Redesign by Michaela Kay

I was driving down the road towards our table and right away I noticed a big high arching arch that read Our Table Farm, right away I knew that I was in the right place. Then as I got closer I saw a sign that advertised for their community dance later on that day. I did not know that they did dances. When I started to head down the drive was my eyes were immediately drawn to the farm house market. I noticed that the driveway was well maintained and that everything was all in order. I found my parking spot easy, all the spots were paved and evenly spaced. When I was done shopping at the farm house where I felt like I was a VIP guest. I processed to take my shopping cart out into the driveway and found that it was really easy due to the fact that it was all paved. As I loaded my car an employee came and retrieved my cart for me. That was nice of her, it showed me that they actually care about their customers. As I was leaving the farm I noticed that on the other side of the arch was a See you soon sign, that made me feel appreciated. The overall feeling I got was that they wanted me to be there. They did not make me feel that my business was not appreciated. Also their customer service was amazing and made me feel like I was their most special customer. I will be returning soon.

-Michaela Kay #45



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