Is that Out Table Farm?

Our Table was such a cool place to go. I had never been on a farm that is so small but plentiful. When I first arrived on the farm I found that it was hard to tell that it was a farm. I chose to redesign the entry way/ driveway. The first major change I […]

Our Table Store

For our trip to our table I decided to observe the store because I have experience in working retail, and space design. When I started making observations, the first thing I took notes on was the exact layout of the store, I wanted to be able to say what products were where with a high […]

Farm Field Report

Observations made at the farm: ^)Entrance, %)Driveway, ~)Market, *)Com center While on this interesting trip to Our Farm I saw some great qualities that the farm already possessed but everyone knows there is always room for improvement. The main problem from the entrance was its lack of visibility and its non-farm-distinctive flags, and also in my opinion […]

Our table Entrance

At the entrance of the farm, there is a sign that has the Logo of the farm’s name with the description of “on-farm grocery” and an arrow pointing down the way to the grocery. Below on the same sign, they had something that I thought was important; the store hours. I realized that this was […]

Grocery Store Field Report

The Grocery Store at the Our Table farm had a lot of interesting things inside of it, but was kind of small and had some other problems with it. Even though it is just a grocery store and basically serves that purpose fine, the layout of the items and the way the store used space […]

Farm Field Report

OurTable is a cooperative that is owned and operated by its members that have a goal to encourage local farming.The communal space at OurTable is very large and open to the public. The space has a lot of potential to be better with minor changes, however, it is currently at a simple stage of design. […]

Farm Report

For my farm field report, our class went to Our Table farms. A small farm that focuses on produce with a small grocery store to sell their and other providers goods. My focus of research was of the entrance of the farm that leads to the entrance of the grocery store. The driveway itself is […]

Community Space

After physically being at the farm of Our Table, I have decided on redesigning the community area out of the three choices we could’ve chosen from. Though the driveway obviously needed work done to it to make it feel inviting, I feel that the area needing the most work would be the community space. For […]

Farm Feild Report

The area I chose to redesign in the front entrance to the farm/driveway. The two plots of land surrounding the driveway aren’t owned by Our Table farm so the drive way is necessary to the entrance of the farm. The area consists of a long paved driveway with parking spots along the right side. The […]

Farm field Report

When driving up to “Our Table”, the entrance and the driveway has very little attraction. Since the farm is in Sherwood, more information should be given in order for the customers to know that they have arrived to “Our Table”. Pulling into the drive way and seeing the entrance to the farm, there is a […]