Black Licorice

For the food tracking project I choose to trace the origin of Wiley Wallaby Black Licorice. I love everything to do with licorice so this choice was a no brainier for me. I already knew vaguely where licorice comes from, so researching it was relatively easy, mostly just browsing through Wikipedia articles. The hard part […]

Where Food Histories Start : NYC

  Food has been influential all of my life, through family recipes, memories and flavors. Living in New York City makes great food easily accessible so I have had many types of food with all kinds of people and these all can create memories that will last longer than one might think. My mother was […]

Food Tracking

The product that I chose to research about were sausages, and because of this I learned a lot about where it came from and what’s it’s actually made out of. The first step I took in order to learn more about sausages was finding data or facts relevant to it’s background, and it turns out that they were actually […]

The origins of Nutella, blog post 2

When I was tracking down the origins, ingredients, and production of Nutella, I expected to find its origins in an existing large corporation like Nestle or something, but it came as a surprise to me to learn its very humble origins from a baker in Italy. When a product like that has an interesting history […]

Mystery mush

At first I thought I’d enjoy the detective lifestyle of tracking where Gravy came from and its many ingredients. When I first began my research I knew hardly anything about the substance but I knew my family actively engage in its consumption. That is what really intrigued me- I question what we were putting into […]

Dietz and Watson Smoked Gouda Cheese

Researching the process of Dietz and Watson Brand Smoked Gouda Cheese forced me to think about where my food comes from. Not many people would take the time to investigate into the background of the food they consume. Learning about the process Dietz and Watson undertakes to create their cheeses makes me feel safe knowing […]

King Harvest Hummus

It’s interesting to look into a product that seems so natural sitting in our refrigerator or in our cabinets. When we buy food we don’t usually doubt where it is from or what the words “Organic” or  “Local” mean on the packaging. It isn’t until we are looking into the process behind what puts that […]

Food That Went to War

After walking to Safeway as a class and choosing a food product to research, I’ve found that the product I chose had clear information online. I made a phone call to the Hormel company but they were closed at the time. That didn’t matter though, because everything I needed to know was in the text […]

Many Worlds, One Stomach

Food represents life in all aspects, but It has come to represented culture and “the good times” in my life. Cake at birthday parties, turkey at thanksgiving, barbecuing on the forth of July, food has melded into American culture just like all the people that make up America. We are so lucky today that food […]

Food & I

I used to hate food. When I was in my pre-teens & up until now I struggle with the topic.I believe it truly began when I was first introduced to junk food. Growing up in Los Angeles, California, my parents who were teens with little to no money, often struggled to put food on the […]