Tracking My Cheesecake

My food product was the Safeway Brand Cheesecake. Because of the cheesecake that I chose was not much packaged or promoted, I couldn’t find much information about it. So I just did a research on the cheesecake in general. I found out that cheesecake was a popular ancient dish in Greece. Later on, it was […]

Grocery Store Field Report

The Grocery Store at the Our Table farm had a lot of interesting things inside of it, but was kind of small and had some other problems with it. Even though it is just a grocery store and basically serves that purpose fine, the layout of the items and the way the store used space […]


               Tracking my product, Humm Kombucha, was simple and successful. The company’s website was really helpful and questions over the phone were honestly and openly answered. Something interesting that I found was that it is possible that Kombucha was first created by accident. Someone once may have made a batch of regular sugary tea and […]

“Best” Foods didn’t impress.

I took on the challenge of tracking down the makings of the world’s most popular, and massively produced types of Mayonnaise. This mayonnaise is inappropriately distributed under the name of “Best” Foods, which may live up to its name in flavor, but certainly not in customer service or corporate transparency. Needless to say, I didn’t […]

Story of Bacon

To understand a food product you must understand its history first. This is why I chose to start tracking down the history behind bacon as best I could (and also because it was part one of the four part project). I began my research with their Wikipedia page to see if I could find some interesting […]

Researching SPAM

Spam® Original was actually the second product I tried to track; my first product hit a dead end quite soon into the search, which lead me to a bout of frustration and the decision to change products. Researching the history and processes for making Spam was actually quite easy, which is no surprise since it […]

Tracking down Special K cereal

My product was the Kellogg`s Special K cereal. Tracking this cereal in Safeway was indeed an exciting process. They had such variety within the same brand that it became very difficult at one point to choose amongst them. The Special K cereal line includes various flavors and different representations of breakfast products including wafers, protein […]

SPAM; An Unnatural History

  My product was SPAM classic; and as it is quite a popular item that has been in shelves for over 80 years, tracking this product was not difficult, although finding important details about where the ingredients came from was actually very difficult. SPAM is both loved and hated by many. Beginning my research, my […]

The origins of Nutella, blog post 2

When I was tracking down the origins, ingredients, and production of Nutella, I expected to find its origins in an existing large corporation like Nestle or something, but it came as a surprise to me to learn its very humble origins from a baker in Italy. When a product like that has an interesting history […]

Coffee! Coffee!

The kettle whistled. I got up from my desk and turned off the stove. Reaching up, I grabbed my red pour-over brewer and placed it on top of my mug. Next, I folded a brown paper filter into the brewer and poured in powdery grounds and hot, steaming water. A steady drip-drip fell from the […]