Redesign by Michaela Kay

I was driving down the road towards our table and right away I noticed a big high arching arch that read Our Table Farm, right away I knew that I was in the right place. Then as I got closer I saw a sign that advertised for their community dance later on that day. I […]

Welcome To Our Table

After touring the farm with my class and getting a first had look at the space we could work with I decided to choose the entrance of the grocery store to do my redesign project on. The grocery store is at the heart of the farm and is the front stage for all of the […]

The Drive-thru “O”

My redesign is more than just a driveway. Besides being a breathtaking entrance, my design serves as an attention getter and to some extent as an illusion. It will make the driveway feel much shorter and more exciting. People will want to visit the farm mainly to see the large sign in person and capture […]

Walking Down the Farm

When they arrive down the driveway they will notice a pack of people in the open field and will go take a look at what is going on. I want them to notice the event that is going on for that day. If it is something that applies to them I want the aura to […]

Final reDesign

I casually drive along SW Morgan road on my way home back to Sherwood, and as I look to the left I see an entrance with a sign the shape of a shopping cart that reads “Grocery Store” with clear font that tells me the hours. I just got back from work in Wilsonville and […]

A walk through the store.

Man I think I should run out to Our Table, I’ve heard that they have more local foods than the grocery store, and I’ve been trying to eat healthier. Man this place is out of the way, but the shop looks quaint. Alright time to go inside. “Hello, welcome to Our Table!” Oh, the cashier […]

Parks and Rec

Lets talk re-design. For my final project I went with a large touch up on the community center which had some character development to go through before it could really be considered viable. So I walk up the little hill and have been able to spot the new community center ever so clearly. One of […]

Covered Community Area

From the redesign recently created for Our Table, I feel that people would actually enjoy my idea of a community space. With a playground in the front, tables in the middle, chicken area, and information about the farm in the back, I’m sure they’d notice that this space is actually meant to be engaging unlike […]

My Our Table Store ReDesign

Redesigning the Our Table store has been an interesting experience in trying to figure out what makes good design in a place where I never thought about design before. I started out with many different ideas, and eventually landed in a very different place. My ideas and thinking about how I would design the space […]

A Space Worth Your Time

Saturday nights are the farm dinner nights. Everyone in the county who is anyone brings their best crops or their wealthiest yields to Our Table, a cute little cooperative farm, for a feast among the farming community. Hundreds of people rub shoulders at mile-long picnic tables that neatly arranged under a well built 4 point structure; a space […]