My ReDesign

“As I walk up to the Our Table grocery store, I notice a beautifully decorated sign with flowers, nicely showing where the grocery store is. Once I come into the front doors, I look to my right and see a great sign representing Our Table’s vision plan for their future. I notice that they have […]

Farm Report

When I was at the farm, I picked the community space to do my prototype. I chose this space because I thought it needed the most help. Although this place has a fairly large space, it didn’t have a lot of things going on. The community space was very boring to me, there were only […]

Our Table, My Redesign.

When we first went and visited Our Table, I found myself being critical immediately. I saw so many things that needed to be changed to improve function, attraction, and atmosphere. I was drawn to the concept of a community space. I am from a small town with a great sense of community, so I find […]

Welcome To Our Table

After touring the farm with my class and getting a first had look at the space we could work with I decided to choose the entrance of the grocery store to do my redesign project on. The grocery store is at the heart of the farm and is the front stage for all of the […]

Final Re Design Our Table Grocery Table

As I walking into the grocery store,  I noticed a sigh outside the grocery store called “The Food in our Table.” This was very informative because I know its a grocery store now! When I walked in the store it felt more welcoming. I could hear a gentle slow paced piano music playing back as […]

Farmer’s Market Aesthetic

My redesign focuses on the farmer’s market aesthetic. When I first walked into the store I was let down. I assumed the store would have a homey feeling. After seeing their website and hearing about the farm I expected a farmer’s market aesthetic or a “just got picked off the farm” aesthetic. The new design I […]

Redesign Assignment

As I am walking inside of the little grocery store at Our Table Farms, I noticed how it looked so vintage and modern at the same time! The thing that caught my eye was how there were so many different kinds of decorations around the entire store that actually represented a country looking kind of […]

Visiting the redesigned Our Table grocery shop

As a person who now visits the farm, I think one of the very first things that one would notice would be the way the bulletin board has completely been converted into a large green table that has some magnetic sheets attached to them on which comments and ideologies of the visitors and the consumers […]

Tracking my Food

Although I was successful in finding most of the research I needed, I had a difficulty with a few things. When I called Chobani for more information on there yogurt, most of the time no one picked up. The one time they did pick up, they didn’t give me anymore information than what was on […]

Our Table Redesign

I took  trip with my class to Our Table farms with the goal of choosing an area we felt needed to be worked on. After an afternoon on the farm I decided to change the entrance/ parking lot. The entrance as it is now it is not much of anything. The first thing you see […]