Visiting the redesigned Our Table grocery shop

As a person who now visits the farm, I think one of the very first things that one would notice would be the way the bulletin board has completely been converted into a large green table that has some magnetic sheets attached to them on which comments and ideologies of the visitors and the consumers […]

Is that Out Table Farm?

Our Table was such a cool place to go. I had never been on a farm that is so small but plentiful. When I first arrived on the farm I found that it was hard to tell that it was a farm. I chose to redesign the entry way/ driveway. The first major change I […]

Tracking my Food

Although I was successful in finding most of the research I needed, I had a difficulty with a few things. When I called Chobani for more information on there yogurt, most of the time no one picked up. The one time they did pick up, they didn’t give me anymore information than what was on […]

Walking Down the Farm

When they arrive down the driveway they will notice a pack of people in the open field and will go take a look at what is going on. I want them to notice the event that is going on for that day. If it is something that applies to them I want the aura to […]

Our Table Redesign

I took  trip with my class to Our Table farms with the goal of choosing an area we felt needed to be worked on. After an afternoon on the farm I decided to change the entrance/ parking lot. The entrance as it is now it is not much of anything. The first thing you see […]


Every morning on my way to work, I happened to drive along Morgan RD., which is the fastest rout to get into the freeway. Recently I have notice a change on this particular farm that is adjacent to the road. One day I decided to stop right before going home. The bight red sign of […]

Final reDesign

I casually drive along SW Morgan road on my way home back to Sherwood, and as I look to the left I see an entrance with a sign the shape of a shopping cart that reads “Grocery Store” with clear font that tells me the hours. I just got back from work in Wilsonville and […]

A walk through the store.

Man I think I should run out to Our Table, I’ve heard that they have more local foods than the grocery store, and I’ve been trying to eat healthier. Man this place is out of the way, but the shop looks quaint. Alright time to go inside. “Hello, welcome to Our Table!” Oh, the cashier […]

Our Table Store

For our trip to our table I decided to observe the store because I have experience in working retail, and space design. When I started making observations, the first thing I took notes on was the exact layout of the store, I wanted to be able to say what products were where with a high […]

The Pond Redesign

As I walked through the entrance at Our-Table’s farm with my mom and dad,  I’m not impressed so far. Boring, lack of color and signs makes it look like a baron wasteland. Continuing down the path I’d notice a grocery store, inside I found tons of food and other accessories but still, there’s nothing that’s […]